Employment Law

Any business with employees will be required by law to have the requisite contracts and up-to-date policies and procedures in place. Our employment barristers can draft/review: company handbooks, contracts, social media policies, employee relation policies and other general policies, employee shareholder agreements and settlement agreements as well as providing representation at Tribunal hearings.

Common areas covered include:
Breach of contract, Employees contract, Equality & discrimination, Equal pay, Industrial action, Industrial Action & Collective Labour Law, Injunctive relief & employee competition, International & transitional, Pensions, Proactive & procedure, Redundancy & dismissal, Remuneration pensions & benefits, Termination of employment, TUPE, Unfair dismissal, Union affairs, Wages, Whistle blowing & victimisation.



Stage of CaseRanges of fixed fees (estimate)
Written advice on your claim£250 – £750
Adising in face to face conference£350 – £1000
Advising by telephone/video conference£250 – £750
Drafting tribunal documents£250 – £750
Preliminary Hearing£350 – £1000
First day’s tribunal appearance£1000 – £3000
Tribunal appearances per day, after the first day£500 – £1500
Remedy hearing (to decide compensation)£500 – £1500

All information is correct as of 1/5/19, but fees are estimates only. For themost accurate fee estimate, please contact the clerks on 0115 8961983 or

Case Studies

  • Refused bonus payment

    Claimant resigned from his employment having been previously promised a bonus of £5,000.  Following his resignation, the company refused to pay his bonus. After a brief telephone consultation between Richard and Claimant, Richard drafted two letters for the Claimant to send to the company, the company paid the full amount of £5,000 to the Claimant.

    2nd May 2019
  • Race discrimination

    Richard successfully represented a Company faced with a race discrimination case. Richard advised the client in a face to face conference at the company premises and was able to negotiate a settlement substantially lower than that which may have been awarded by an Employment Tribunal. Conference £450 (Not VAT Registered) Negotiation settlement £250 (Not VAT

    2nd May 2019

Claire Litchfield – We can never thank you enough for all that you have done, you were amazing at court today; you have been a great blessing to us. Thank you.

Ms. D.
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