The Licensing Act 2003 covers a broad spectrum of licensable activities within a multitude of business sectors and certain activities specific to individuals. It is essential that businesses requiring a license to trade meet stringent regulatory legislation criteria and public safety regulations.

Licensing issues covered include:
Alcohol Licensing Applications (Premises and Personal), Entertainment & Temporary Event Notices, Licence Review Hearings Closure Orders Magistrates Court Appeals Trading Standards Health & Safety Food Safety Fire Safety venue licenses, adult entertainment licensing, gambling & gaming licences & online gaming licenses, taxi licensing, outside table and chair licences and sale and purchase of licensed property, shotgun & firearms, street trading, scrap metal, waste disposal.


Stage of CaseRanges of fixed fees (estimate)
Written advice on your application£350 – £1000
Advising in face to face conference£350 – £1000
Advising by telephone/video conference£250 – £750
Assistnce with drafting of application£250 – £750
Local authority licensing committee hearing£400 – £1000
Appeal to Magistrates’ Court – initial hearing£500 – £1000
Appeal to the Magistrates’ Court – full hearing£1000 – £2500

All information is correct as of 1/5/19, but fees are estimates only. For themost accurate fee estimate, please contact the clerks on 0115 8961983 or

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